Wheat Water Resistant Nubuck Lace Up/Zip Ankle Safety Boot

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Featuring all the comfort and safety features needed to perform in the toughest environments, the 992 is the ideal boot for people who spend long days on their feet.

  • Premium leather, treated to provide extra water resistance making it suitable for muddy conditions
  • The outsole is heat resistant to temperatures up to at least 300°C. It has a very high insulating value, providing resistance to melting and cracks at higher than normal temperature ranges that may be encountered in an industrial environment.
  • Ultimate Comfort Arch footbed, made from soft polyurethane, covered with a full length cushion of foam polyurethane, topped by a long-wearing mesh cover. This footbed has an airflow and moisture-wicking system and also includes a large pad of XRD® Extreme Impact Protection under the ball of the foot.
  • Top-of-the-range bamboo lining designed to keep your feet cool and comfortable. It’s thermal regulating, deodorizing, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, breathable and quick drying.
  • Where there is a risk that a person may come in contact with a live electrical circuit, electrical shock hazard footwear will provide the best possible protection against electrical shock hazard. This boot is certified to ASTM F2413-18. Clause 5.6 for electrical shock hazard resistance.
  • Broad fitting Type 1 steel toe cap tested to resist a 200 joule impact.

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