New embroidery machine

Investing in our local community

We are proud to be investing in local manufacturing right here in the Manning Valley.Embroidery machine for custom logo on shirts and tees

Access to our shop this morning was interrupted by the delivery of our new top of the line embroidery machine. The decision to invest in the new machine was made in December last year. The unknowns of 2021 almost held our decision back but we believed in our community. We have seen the change in support for local business over the last 12 months and trusted that we would get through together if the Virus was to do another round of the area. Again our faith in the community spirit was proven while we stuck together during the devastating floods. 

We placed the order in January. The machine was then Manufactured in Japan and shipped to Australia were it would wait in quarantine and customs until last Friday where it was picked up by a local freight company and delivered this morning. Unloading and maneuvering the machine into the store was made easy with the services of a local crane operator and their 4WD forklift. Forklift unloading machine

We believe our service and quality sets us apart from our competition, this machine is another step to improving both of these important qualities in our business. With the productivity increase our turn-around times should decrease, while maintaining the highest standard of quality embroidery we are known for.

If you have been thinking about a new uniform or updating the one you have, now is the time. Our shop is full of quality workwear and clothing ready for your logo, Whether it is embroidery or our digital screen print process Ultracolour, we have the best equipment to get you looking and feeling the best.



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