Chefswear & Hospitality

Whether you are a michelin star chef or the dishwasher at the local. We have the chefswear for you.

Chef Clothing

There’s a reason that chefs need to wear a uniform while in the kitchen. The correct chef clothing not only protects the chef but also the food from being contaminated. Normal clothing is contaminated with pet hair and dirt that collects while the cook is around their home. Their uniforms are kept clean and contaminant-free, so patrons can rest assured that when they’re eating their meals at their favourite restaurant, there are no contaminants in their food.

Chef clothing provides benefits to the cook and the food. These benefits include:

Jackets protect against burns.
The chef always looks professional.
The material is breathable, assisting with the prevention of perspiration.
At Workwise Clothing, we stock various chef clothing that is suitable for many restaurant cooks to wear.

What You Need to Know About Chef Clothing

Uniforms are designed from top to toe to ensure that the chef is fully clothed in their clothing to provide maximum protection against contaminants and transference.

Chef jackets often have long sleeves. Long sleeves prevent their skin from getting burnt should they get close to an open flame.
The shoes a chef wears often have protection around the toe area to protect their toes from falling objects, especially knives, which can cause serious injuries.
Elasticated waist pants are often worn as comfort makes all the difference while the chef is cooking. It prevents the chef from constantly having to adjust their pants which can transfer contaminants.
Chef uniforms are often white, as this allows them to see food and perspiration stains easier and lets them know when they need to change their jackets to prevent transference to the food they’re preparing.