Do you:

  • Want to put down the tools to get into some air conditioned comfort?
  • Have a knack for design, processes and systems?
  • Enjoy working with people and building relationships?
  • Draw inspiration by seeing the end result of your hard work and innovation?

We are on the look out for great (or above average) team members to keep up with our expanding business that is quickly evolving into a megabrand.

We will provide endless opportunities for upskilling, with a variety of service areas to find what job suits you best. These include customer service, sales, design and decoration, based at one of three locations in Taree, Wingham and soon to be expanding to Great Lakes.
We are eager to meet some hard working legends like you to keep up with growing demand and keep the country's workforce dressed for the job.
There's some pretty good choices of uniforms that comes as an added perk to the role!
If you consider yourself someone who can sell ice to an eskimo or can teach a fish how to swim, we would love to hear from you!
Learn more on the About Us page here | click the link below to apply: 
Positions Vacant