Customised Extensive Ranges of Men’s Workwear

Your protection is our concern, with a wide variety of men's workwear, corporate wear and sportswear for adults and kids. With 25 years as a family-owned business, our approach to quality customer relations ensures we provide friendly, supportive service. We provide uniforms and wear to local enterprises, local and international companies, and athletes. Free shipping available for purchases over AUS$150.

What You Can Expect From Safety Workwear

Safety wear is vital to the business and the individuals: this helps the workers feel safe and protected during the course of their work day and helps in establishing a safe working environment for all. Durability, strength and protection are the main features that you would expect from the range stocked by a workwear store:

  • UNIT workwear is designed to protect different areas of the body. Overall protection is the aim, however, special attention is paid to the five senses: touch, smell, sight, hearing and taste.
  • Clothing is designed with specific purposes in mind, e.g. fire suits consists of three layers for optimum protection: the outer layer which serves as protection; insulation is created by the moisture barrier; and the thermal (inner) layer minimises heat stress and helps for comfort. Clothing used for a bio-hazardous clean up and contamination can only be worn once, it is also advised to be worn over clothing to create an additional barrier of protection.
  • Material has been identified that can withstand certain situations. Acrylic is resistant to chemicals and sunlight, while aramids are heat resistant and exceptionally strong. Carbon fibre is strong, light, and chemical/temperature-resistant, whereas cotton is breathable, lightweight and soft. Rubber is electrically non-conductive, while leather is temperature resistant. Wool is flame resistant, while polyester is durable and water-resistant to some extent.

How to Customise Your Order for Workwear in Australia

Workwear not only eliminates clothing problems in the workplace but also provides a sense of unity and inclusivity amongst team members. It gives a uniformed feel to the work environment and may help promote the company or brand.

  • Consult the marketing team for colours, logos and slogans which falls in line with the brand, its values and identity. Once that is established, you can move on to finalising the product.
  • Co-ordinate the colour of the workwear to create a synergy with the branding and your company message.
  • Let us know what items you need, the quantity, the design of the logo/catchphrase for printing, and the deadline for a quotation.

About Workwise Clothing

We are a based family-owned business with nearly three decades of experience, expertise and skill. Our offerings include high quality work apparel, corporate clothing, sports and leisurewear and practical clothing, all of which can be customised to your needs with embroidery or screen printing. Our aim of building trusted relationships with our customers speaks to a customer-driven business. Our service delivery is honest, reliable and supportive. We collaborate with a trusted courier to ensure our shipping orders are carbon-neutral, this is our commitment towards a greener, sustainable future.

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