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Skolbeard Co 60ml Beard Balm

Skolbeard Co 60ml Beard Balm

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 What is Beard Balm & what does it do?

Think of balm like a hair pomade but for beards - it will give you a strong hold to be able to shape and style your beard as desired.

..Instead of being sticky/tacky like most hair products - Skol's balm leaves your beard hydrated, soft and feeling FRESH. Skol Beard Co's formula includes only the best ingredients like Shea Butter and Beeswax.

Hand poured in Adelaide.

Balm is a leave in conditioner & styling product;

It is designed to..

  • Style/Shape your beard - You will enjoy a firm hold, all day✔
  • Tame fly-away hairs.
  • Soften & Nourish.
  • Hydrate - without the greasy feeling.
  • Make you smell like a KING👑

You can Say 'Good-Bye✌' to:

  • Fly-away hairs❌
  • An unruly, messy beard.
  • Struggling with a dry beard.
  • Flaky skin & dandruff.
  • The dreaded 'Beard Itch'🤬

What do they smell like?

Black Oud - Rich, Warm Oud Wood - Find out why it's the worlds most sought after scent.

Coconut - Fresh Coconut.

Cubans - Cuban Cigars & a Staunch Cologne, blended together - perfectly.

Lumber - Sandalwood & Cedarwood with a touch of Smoke.

Mafia - Leather & Bourbon - as Manly & Gangster as scents come!

Money - Vanilla & Spiced Tobacco - a cosy, warm, sophisticated scent.

Salted Caramel - Caramelized Sugar & French Vanilla. Buttery & indulgent.

Tropical Punch - Guava, Passionfruit & Watermelon. Packs a punch.

Urban - Fresh Cologne  - Woodsy Base with sweet top notes & citrus hits

Vanilla Bourbon - French Vanilla & Rich Bourbon.

Fortunately - Balm is both quick and easy for you to use.


1. Use your fingernail to ‘shave’ a small amount of Balm out of the tin. This makes the next step easier!

2. Emulsify between your hands.

4. Work through your beard, (first - in an upwards motion and then downwards) with your hands exclusively or using Skol's Comb or Brush. Make sure the balm reaches the skin beneath your beard.

5. Take your time to style a desired.

6. Enjoy being on a new level with your beard game - oh. And smelling like a BOSS👑.

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