Skol Beard Co

After leaving the military (Australian Army, Infantry) Matt was in the same boat as a lot of Veterans when they get out of the Defence Force - feeling lost & unsure of what the future holds. The loss of identity, ongoing issues from injuries sustained, & the separation from all my mates who remained in the Army wasn't easy to navigate.

Matt reached out to a Veterans Charity to help me find my feet again, through their program - I gained a qualification & found a decent job!

During this time, Matt let His beard grow out for the first time, He quickly became frustrated with the low quality of products & huge price tags here is Australia. He spent a few months perfecting his own recipes. During this time they were just for him. A hobby snowballed into a passion for fragrance & the pursuit of world-class products.

Then it all clicked..

Sell premium beard care products while donating $1 from EVERY ITEM sold to the Young Veterans Charity.

Every sale is a win-win-win. They get to run a business they're passionate about, you get top-shelf beard care & Aussie Veterans get the help they need!

Young Veterans are 100% volunteer run, out there every day connecting Veterans to the help they need & running awesome activities to get Veterans out & about again.

Together we can make a difference.

“Through struggle we find ourselves & our mission”